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It ismy pleasure to extend congratulations andbest
wishes to the artists represented in this year’s
Jersey Arts Annual
exhibition “Ready or Not”, and to all
of the sponsoring organizationswho have come together
tomake this event such a success.
New Jersey Arts
exhibitions illustrate the extraordinary vitality of
New Jersey’s artists and reinforce the value of art in our
lives. Programs such as this exhibition createwonderful
synergy between artists and the public. Ourmost talented
artists showcase their work in some of themost important
museums in the state, and the people of New Jersey
share in and connect to the quality anddiversity of that
marvelous creative experience, which is uniquely our own.
TheDepartment of State and theNew Jersey State
Council on theArts are proud to helpmake this program
possible. Thank you to all the participatingmuseums for
celebratingNew Jersey’s artistic community and to the
artistswho share their best with us. A special thanks to
TheNewarkMuseum for hosting such an exciting exhibit.
You have all ensured its success.
With the on-going commitment by theCouncil and its
museum cosponsors, the
Arts Annual
serieswill continue
to stand as a testament to artistic excellence and a
celebration of New Jersey at its best.
Lieutenant Governor
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